Your Benefits from Wellness Coaching

When you start looking for help to change your current health situation, two questions can come to mind:

One is "Will I even be able to find the help or guidance that I need?".  The answer to this first question is often 'yes'.  Let's face it.  There are countless numbers of guidelines recommendations and methods from many experts and people with extensive experience to provide you with ways to change your health situation.  Examples that you may have experienced include going to see a doctor when you aren't feeling well, or working with a personal trainer when you want to change physical performance or appearance.

Two is "Will the newly found help be in a form that can work for me?".  The answer to this one is a little bit more complex.  Again, let's face it.  If approaches you've experienced to this point had worked, then why would you seek change?  As adult learners, many of us tend to receive new ideas much better when we figure them out, or at least contribute to figuring out how to apply the new ideas to our situation.  How many times have you been given advice about something  you should do because it would be good for you?  As an adult, how well was that received by you?  Imagine somebody who is an expert in a given health area, just randomly walking up to you and saying, "You need to do this, change that, eat this and remove all of these--forever! And remember, I know what I'm talking about because I'm the expert!". Isn't your polite reaction something like, "Excuse me.  Do I know you? Because you definitely don't know me -- talking to me with that approach!".  How many times have you experienced that approach in the past?

This is what is known as the expert approach and there are countless examples from personal experience in that arena, for all of us -- past and present.  The expert approach has gotten you to this point, but remember that we began this by saying that you are looking for a change in your current health situation.

Wellness Coach Health

The Wellness coaching approach addresses that change in a uniquely innovative way. by taking into account two things that you may not have encountered.  The first thing involves the approach itself.  It addresses more than just physical and nutritional outcomes. With successful Wellness coaching, you will encounter a holistic approach that looks at many things in your current life situation.  Everything you do think and feel impacts your current state of health.  Accounting for this makes the situation completely personal and individualized.  The second thing involves the plan or strategic approach that's developed to optimize health and well-being.  It is not merely told to you. Instead, it is developed with your participation, input and accountability for accomplishing it.  The plan is developed based on your strenghts and abilities (again, making it individualized), which contributes in a practical way to success!  You helped to develop the plan. You've figured it out.  You are now most likely to go and do it--and succeed!

Of course, there are specific tools and techniques involved (based on training) that make this approach very well received and most effective.  Telling you what to do has gotten you to this point.  Now, you're looking to go forward in a positive direction towards feeling even better, doing even better, and being in a better state of overall well-being.  That is truly your benefit from Wellness coaching.

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