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Over the past 5 decades, I have been an exercise and nutrition enthusiast. I believe that you're 'Personal Best' in health and overall well-being can be right now - regardless of your past, your age and to some extent, your present situations. Whether you're a business, conference or corporation, I'd love to see how we can work together for your next event.

Speaking Topics:

"Experiencing Your 'Personal Best', Right Now"

For busy and stressed people, now is the time to discover some of the simple yet significant things we readily overlook, whenever we decide to manage, or optimize our health and well-being. It's pleasantly surprising.

"Why Your Age can be Your Ally"

There are some who think that as you get older you become 'stuck' getting slower, weaker, and less energetic. That doesn't have to be the natural process of aging. Find out why.

"Age Is Just a Number"

Yes, many have heard this, but there many positive and significant things that can come with age!

"Achieving Your Dreams"
Learn how to make that 5-step process happen - including the first important step; deciding 'what' your dream is.

"Mark K. Jordan recently came and spoke to a group I organize, North Austin Influencers ™ on "Achieving Your Dreams! The Best is Now! Regardless of Age!". The group discovered 5 simple steps that can be used by many in different areas, to experience fulfillment of purpose. Mark was inspiring, personable, prepared, and dynamic. I would strongly recommend Mark to any group that is focused on professional development. I have already received positive feedback from the attendees." Monica Peña Founder of MUNDU Media, LLC